Many of us have studied and thus taken student loans to manage this financially. Unfortunately, many people end up at Good Finance because of these loans.

When talking about loans


You often say that there are three types of loans that are not bad to have. These are mortgages, car loans and CSN loans. You need a car and a home and it is usually difficult to have money, so it is enough for them if you do not borrow. Studying is also good to do and then an additional amount of money is often needed.

Then it is not wrong to lend money to something else, but then it is usually because you do not want to wait long enough and the interest rate is even higher on these loans.

However, it is easy to forget the student loan as a whole as it is so cheap. Unfortunately, as many as 90,000 people ended up at Good Finance last year because of student loans. Sure it is a cheap loan but that does not mean that the loan should not be repaid. It is even true that the state is tougher when it comes to delay fees and to pass the case on to the Crown Magistrate.

Many could have avoided the Chronicle


Figures that come from CSN say that as many as 13,000 of these would not have had to end up at Good Finance if they had only used the rules. Something that many people do not know about is that you are entitled to a reduced repayment rate if you have a low income.

If these 13,000 had taken advantage of this and had not ended up at Good Finance, the statistics would still not have been good, but much better. The tip is therefore to always look up the possibilities if you have problems with the economy.