Baby Loan Mortgage calculator


The baby loan is a 10 million forints free use loan. Once the third child is born and becomes a grant, the remaining amount does not have to be repaid.

Baby loan


A must-have credit facility. The terms of the claim vary as banks. The loan application for the baby support must be submitted to the credit institution. But which one? We can help with that. If you would like us to manage your baby support, please feel free to contact us through the form below.

If you would like to request help with your baby loan application, please fill out the form above. We will find the best bank for you. Our help and full, fast administration are free.

The baby support is a 10 million forints free use loan.


  • If at least one child is born in the family within 5 years, they will not have to pay installments for 3 years and become eligible for interest-free repayment over the entire term.
  • If the second child is born, repayment is interrupted for another 3 years and 30% of the debt is released.
  • When the third child arrives, the entire remaining debt is released.

Conditions for accessing a baby loan


  • claimants are married
  • wife is 18 but not 41, husband may be older
  • both spouses have their Hungarian address and have the same address!
  • at least one of the spouses has been continuously insured for at least 3 years or is in full-time education at a higher education institution subject to the National Higher Education Act
  • Unpunished life
  • none of the spouses has a public debt with the State Tax Administration
  • both spouses are Hungarian citizens or persons who are to be considered Hungarian citizens under the Hungarian Citizenship Act
  • if one of the members of the couple has at least one child, at least one of the spouses is living in the first marriage
  • none of them have a GFIC registered debt

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